The Enneagram types of the Downton Abbey Characters

  You have an opinion on the personality types of the characters in Downton Abbey, do you?  Do tell.   Image from

You have an opinion on the personality types of the characters in Downton Abbey, do you?  Do tell.  Image from

I'm slowly working my way through the Downton Abbey series- I'm on Season 3, and I was dissapointed to see Lady Sybil killed off, although I'm glad to know it was her choice to leave the show. 

This afternoon I went on Google to see what other people thought of the casts' Enneagram types, and I almost died when I saw the first two results- Lady Mary an 8?  Lord Grantham a 2?

When there's disagreement about an Enneagram type, all kinds of ego activity goes off, so I am just breathing here, trying to do this as even-keeled as possible. 

From the website, I offer, side-by-side, one person's opinion of the characters' types in the left-hand column, and my opinion (where I have one) in the right-hand column.  (I'm very sorry for the formatting- I can't seem to get my comments to stay in their own column)

"Johnathan G."                                                                    Me

Robert Crawley - ESFJ 2w3 Sp/So                 Type 8 (his temper explodes, then subsides)
Cora Crawley - ISFJ 2w1 So/Sx                       Type 2 (touchy-feely, emotive, affectionate)
Violet Crawley - ESTJ 1w2 So/Sp                    ?
Mary Crawley - ESTP 3w4 Sx/Sp                    ?  Not a three or a four
Edith Crawley - ISxJ 2w1 Sp/So                      ?  Not a two
Sybil Crawley - ENFP 9w8 Sx/So                    ?  Not a nine, and SO isn't one of her top instincts
Matthew Crawley - INFP 6w5 So/Sx               ?
Isobel Crawley - ENFJ 2w3 So/Sx                   Type 2 (wants to help so bad, but is also highly principled, so probably 1 wing?  Not seeing any Threes at all on this show except the showy obstetrician who presided over Sybil's childbirth.)

Charles Carson - ISTJ 1w2 So/Sp                     Type 1 (high standards of service, principled, unmoved by displays of emotion, utterly condemns his "wild" past.)

Elsie Hughes - ISFJ 1w2 So/Sp                         ?
John Bates - ISFJ 2w1 So/Sx                            Type 1 (highly principled, has zero self-interest in his court case, entrusts himself to the justice process, Ana has to practically beg him to take an interest in his own cause.)

Sarah O'Brien - INTJ 6w7 Sp/So                     ?
Thomas Barrow - ENTP 7w8 Sp/Sx                Type 8 (Sp/Sx) (tough, cunning, self-serving, no qualms about making up shit, absolutely explodes with anger when he finds he's been swindled, it takes a lot for him to express emotion)

William Mason - ISFP 6w7 So/Sx                    ?
Anna Smith - INFJ 2w1 Sx/So                          ?  Not a Two, too self-contained.  Maybe Six.
Tom Branson - ENTP C/P 6w5 Sp/Sx             Type 4 (SX) (Impertinent, incidiary [literally], daring, seems to meet every challenge to his cause by talking about how he's going to put himself in danger, aversion to stability and disdain for social norms ("I'm different than all of you- not because of my class, but it's the prerogative of my personality to simply refuse to fit in"), carries the cross of the Irish cause with great consternation. (which could also mean he's a One or a Six as Sixes are loyal to their own kind, and Fours are perhaps more loyal to those who are different?).  Another trait that doesn't fit with the Four is when he ran away to elope with Sybil, there wasn't anything passive-aggressive going on when he found out he'd been followed (like he didn't extract any emotional juice out of the exchange with the sisters who found him- no frustration.)
Some days I want to cast everyone as a One, but only because the cultural overlay of the Victorian Era was very One-ish.  Modesty, principles, and a puritanical uprightness govern the division between the classes.  There is a "certain way that things should be".
Daisy, the cook downstairs, seems to be a Six.
Anyone else want to venture an opinion?