Bitchy Resting Face

  Smiling on the inside.   Image from

Smiling on the inside.  Image from

I always check my horoscopes, especially at the beginning of the month.  One of the sites that's fairly accurate yet nasty because of all the ads is  They always have a live feed of a psychic or something looking at a computer, and you sometimes see some bitchy resting faces as they stare off into their computer screen reading messages from clients.  The woman today didn't have one, though. She was probably a Type Two, Three or Four.  Those types, the Image types- types who think their value rests in the way they appear to others- are always thinking/imagining/hoping someone's looking at/noticing/taking notes on them, so their face is always "on".  This is probably a gross exaggeration, and it's definitely possible to be an image type and have a BRF, but how satisfying must it be to be on live feed as an image type?  I'd do it.  (Maybe for a few minutes).