Rhode and Company is a boutique firm in Regina, Saskatchewan dedicated to helping people find spaciousness and light in their lives. 

Through self-observation practices like mindfulness meditation, the Enneagram, tarot, and Diamond Heart inquiry, my mission is to help people understand their psychological patterns at a deep level, as well as feel more comfortable unfolding into a fuller experience of presence to the lives they were meant to live.  In my work, wisdom is primarily gained through paying attention to our three centres of intelligence, or as we call them, our three "brains"- our intellect, our heart, and our gut.  By nurturing a lifelong connection to all three, we can allow insight to arise to a clear mind, an open heart, and a trusting relationship with our own instincts.

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Hi I'm Erin.  I write about the Enneagram, which is a Western-based system of understanding the unconcious motivations of ourselves and others, paired with Eastern practices of meditation and self-observation, the combination of which is a powerful antidote to our tendency to slip into life on automatic.  My blog is written through a Buddhist/Enneagram lens on the world through which I observe culture and the happenings in the media.  I'm 8.5 classes away from a BA in Political Science, and I have another BA in Theology and Anthropology.  (I know, who gets two BA's?  I do, I guess!)  I've studied and practiced spirituality all my life, but I also make time for art and design, keeping fit, tarot, astrology, Jungian psychology, the tech industry, the NBA (specifically the Toronto Raptors), and my boyfriend.

Inner inquiry in the tradition of those who taught us to